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From plate cameras to cutting edge digital recording

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Holborn Studios has been around for a third of a century.

Literally from plate cameras, sheet film and hand retouching through to cutting edge digital recording, archive storage and image manipulation we have always been there – mad to make good pictures, mad to create jobs and mad to develop the type of community that has become a basic precept of the creative industry.

Thousands of careers and jobs have been created over the years and some intense and meaningful friendships and relationships forged.

Our Studios here at Eagle Wharf Road were created out of the restoration of buildings once verging on being derelict and we are proud of the fact that those buildings are recognised as being of townscape merit and heritage assets as part of the Regents Canal Conservation Area.

As well as signing the form, please could you also pass the link for this website to any friends, colleagues or some of our illustrious guests over the years, who may have been connected in any way to Holborn Studios and would wish to support us.